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June 12 2017

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June 11 2017

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Mistrz Beksiński.
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June 03 2017

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Sites I visit when I’m bored



people have been asking me a lot about stuff i do when i’m bored. so….voila. here it is. bask in its glory. my gift to humanity

Commaful - bot that listens to you and sends you addicting short stories

Doodle Or Die - a chain of drawings. surprisingly addicting

Find The Invisible Cow - watch the audio for this one….

Drench - addicting color game

Silk - having fun subconsciously drawing vaginas

Tumblr - couldn’t find the url for this site. can somebody help

Google.com - recently discovered this. hear it’s kind of a shitty bing

Funny Or Die - watching will ferrell as george bush never gets old

Cyanide & Happiness - hilarious comics

Rich Kids On Instagram - this makes me cry a little

One Tiny Hand - they literally make hands tiny. it’s so great

straight up forgot about my math test last year cuz of commaful and invisible cow lol

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June 02 2017

June 01 2017

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healing 💕

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